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BTBY: Be True. Be You

Posted on March 04 2018

What if there were no “us vs. them” ideas in the world. What if there was only us? What if there was never any separation between us? What if we actually felt what a tree felt when it’s neighbor got cut down? What if we actually felt the suffering of a dying animal when we ate it? What if when we fought with another person we could actually feel the pain we inflicted on them with our words or actions?

That is the world I envision. I see it so clearly. I feel it intuitively. Do you? Do you see a pattern shift? Have you felt humanity’s consciousness shift in the past year? The ball has started to roll. There is no turning back now. It may all seem doom and gloom to some people out there but this is the dawn of a new era and it's super exciting! It’s always darkest before sunrise they say. The political climate is the last dying breath of an old paradigm that is not working any more and they know it. The old guard is scared. The kids know it’s coming and their pissed as hell with what we've done so far.

We are at the forefront of this shift, you and I. I know this because you are reading this. We are drawn together because we are light workers. We are beacons for what is possible. I challenge you to not back down from this awesome responsibility. I have tried, I know it’s not possible. The more I fight it the harder my life gets. I am surrendering to the fact that I am a leader. I have the gift of inspiring and being inspired by those around me. I pay attention. I see the signs. I know you do too. Don’t ignore it. You are a powerful being and will have great influence when you step into that power. Don’t shrink back. Don’t do what they tell you. You’re better than that.

Join in the revolution. It will be televised (on YouTube). Want to be Instafamous? Be your own goddamn self, put yourself out there and don’t follow the pack!

BTBY. Be True. Be You.


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